My name is Edgardo Cambón.

I want to welcome you to my SALSA BAND "EDGARDO & CANDELA'S" web site.
The word CANDELA has many related meanings in Spanish: candle, fire, measurement unit for luminosity, it's also often used to describe a hot tempered character or to compliment someone's good looks, but most significantly, in the old days drummers would light a small fire by the street curve, to heat up and thus tune their congas and other type of hand drums: "Darle CANDELA al tambor" ("Set the drums on fire".)

The name CANDELA, has described very well  the energy and intensity of this great Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland Salsa Band live performances for well over two decades now!
Come and see us play LIVE!

That's what Latin Music is all about!
Meantime, you can listen to and down load some free tunes at the bottom left of
your screen, check our photos and videos, sign in our mailing list
and we will let you know about our upcoming shows.

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Thank you for your visit!

Muchas Gracias Por Su Visita!
Edgardo Cambón